A more accessible path to home ownership for more people.

Assemble Futures addresses the very real challenge of home ownership in Australian cities, by bridging the gap between renting and buying.

How it works

The Idea

Making ownership a reality

Assemble supports you to into home ownership by enabling you to move in and rent your apartment for five years, while you save to buy it.  Protecting you from shifts in the property market.


How it works

Rent, save, buy - in that order
  1. Work with the Assemble team to find your ideal home.
  2. Sign your lease, with rent agreed for five years. Leases are renewed every 12 months, so if life takes you elsewhere, you have the flexibility to leave at the end of your lease (after giving notice).
  3. Sign your contract of sale, locking in the purchase price of your home – this gives you the option, but not the obligation to purchase at the end of the five-year lease term.
  4. From the moment you sign up, we will support you on your savings journey, with our free (opt-in) financial coaching program.
  5. It takes about two years to build your new home – then it’s time to move in and make yourself at home. You’ll access additional savings support through our bulk buying partnerships, aimed at reducing the cost of living across household goods, services, and utilities by at least 20%.
  6. Fast forward five years. Time to make it your own! Choose to take up the option to purchase for the original fixed price in your contract or hand back the keys if you decide not to proceed.

An alternative supported pathway

We’ll help you on your savings journey

Initiatives like free financial coaching for all residents, competitive pricing on 100% renewable energy and internet, and bulk buying on everyday goods are designed to help you achieve your savings goal and be in the best position to buy your home at the end of your lease period.

Jump on the ladder

Your home’s purchase price is fixed

Assemble gives you the opportunity to get on the property ladder today and avoid the fluctuations of the market, you have a fixed goal to save towards, and you get to experience your home and community before you purchase. If the market performs well over the five year lease period, any upside is to your benefit, if it doesn’t, you have the option of walking away.


Allocation full, join the waitlist for any vacant apartments

15 Thompson St.

Studios, two and three-bedroom apartments across eight levels, designed by Hayball Architects in the thriving neighbourhood of Kensington. 15 Thompson St. is designed to encourage informal neighbourly interactions, whether it be the communal room, multipurpose workshop, laundry facilities or an edible herb garden, these spaces are designed for social and collective culture to thrive.

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Allocation full, join the waitlist for any vacant apartments

4 Ballarat St.

Located in the heart of Brunswick and created by Fieldwork Architects, 4 Ballarat St. offers accessible, quality homes, designed to provide an enriched life inside and beyond the apartment. From a rooftop pavilion to a multipurpose workshop, lending library, or external staircases that encourages neighbours to gather, 4 Ballarat St. exemplifies Brunswick's culture of community, sharing, and togetherness - connecting residents to place and to each other.

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Building fully committed.

393 Macaulay Rd.

393 Macaulay Rd. is the first project to be delivered under Assemble Futures. Designed by Fieldwork Architects, this community features generous shared spaces, together with a landscaped, open-air walkway - bringing cross-flow ventilation and dual-aspect natural light to all homes.

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Talk to us, and we’ll help guide you on your path to home ownership, and ensure your apartment is right for you.